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COMP Cams Engine Simulation Software UNIVERSAL

Brand: COMP Cams | Category: Pit and Mechanic Gear
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180908 CamDisk8
181701 FastLapSim5 Top Of The Line Road Racing Simulation
181810 Dynomation Advanced Simulation Software w/Pro Tools
186301 DeskTop FastLap5
Road Racing Simulation
181501 DynoSim5 Top Of The Line Engine Simulation
181601 DragSim5 Top Of The Line Drag Racing Simulation
186011 DeskTop Dyno5
186401 DeskTop Drag5 Drag Race Simulation

Product Description

Desktop Dyno5
Capable of testing any 1-12 cylinder, 4-cycle engine, this innovative software features a custom interface that includes easy-to-use Direct-Click menus that allow you to select from a wide variety of parts – or enter custom specs. DeskTop Dyno5 also includes several calculators to aid you with detailed engine analysis, including a CamMath QuickCalculator, Induction-Flow Calculator and an Air Flow Pressure-Drop Calculator.

  • Detailed graphs display projected HP, torque, VE, engine pressures and more
  • QuickIterator automated testing tool helps find optimum component combinations for virtually any engine application
  • Includes combustion chamber modeling, improved accuracy and new component choices to put you within 5% of real dyno data
  • Displays results at every 500 RPM ranging from 1,000 to 14,500 RPM

Now you can dyno test your next engine project BEFORE you even build it. The DynoSim5 software can accurately simulate any 4-cycle engine – including turbo, supercharged, nitrous and alternative fuel applications. Features include hundreds of new engines, advanced modeling, expanded results graphs and tables, comprehensive printouts, automatic updating over the web, and more. As a supplement to DynoSim5, we now offer CamDisk8 that will automatically install additional cam files to the cam library created when you installed DynoSim5. With this additional disk, you will have access to over 6,000 camshafts that you can search, load and test in any simulated engine.

  • Features combustion & ignition curve modeling, advanced rocker ratio mathematics, multiple graphs and data displays, & a higher degree of accuracy
  • Incorporates new QuickIterator and ProIterator technologies that help find the best component combinations for optimal power
  • Also includes unique Pro Tools Kit that enhances functionality

Dynomation-5 Wave Action Engine Simulation
For the competitive engine builder, time is money. Thanks to the Dynomation-5 Wave Action Engine Simulation, you can reduce the cost and time of engine development, while maintaining your competitive edge. By letting you peer inside a running engine, this advanced engine simulation reveals live pressure waves and mass flow in cylinders and engine passages. While Dynomation- 5 will accurately display how much power your engines makes, it will also show you where and how this power is achieved.

  • 3D cutaway engine shows mass flow, port velocities and pressures – synchronized to the crank-angle data displayed in Dynomation-5
  • Fully analyzes induction runner lengths, port taper angles, port areas, cylinder head flow variations and cam timing
  • Examines camshaft lift, duration, centerline and lobe separation angles

Desktop Drag5
Rather than making trial runs at the track to determine the best setup up for your hot rod, motorcycle or dragster, why not save money and time by doing it all on your Windows-equipped PC? DeskTop Drag5 is an inexpensive, yet highly-accurate 1/4- and 1/8-mile drag race simulation that allows you to analyze the winning potential of your vehicle by selecting various parts from built-in menus – or by entering your own custom specs. With this advanced software you can model virtually any vehicle’s design, weight, frontal area, aero drag, wheelbase, tires and even driving style.

  • Features advanced graphics that display ET, mph, engine and clutch (trans input shaft) RPM, acceleration, aero drag, tire slip, etc.
  • Unique “zoom-in” feature allows you to analyze starting line or top-end performance
  • Design, build and drag test cars, motorcycles, dragsters – front- or rearwheel drive
  • Uses an advanced Windows interface with easy-to-use DirectClick Menus
  • Pop-up TimeSlip provides a detailed performance overview

In the past, finding the optimal chassis, driveline, gear ratios and other characteristics for desired street or drag strip performance was an expensive process characterized by trial-and-error – but not anymore. With DragSim5 you can assemble and test the performance of any vehicle imaginable on a 1/8 or 1/4-mile strip. A pop-up TimeSlip provides an easy-to-read visual summary of overall vehicle performance. Also included is the sophisticated Traction Calculator that optimizes tire/track modeling and improves overall simulation accuracy.

  • Build and test any domestic or sport compact vehicle on your PC; accurately determines speeds for front or real-wheel drive vehicles
  • Analyze engine RPM, clutch RPM, acceleration, tire slip, ET, aero drag and so much more
  • ProTools Kit (optional) includes DataZones, ProIterator, ProData Display and ProPrinting
  • Determines the best components for street cars, motorcycles or dragsters
  • Patented Traction Calculator improves simulation modeling and accuracy
  • Pop-up TimeSlip gives an instant performance overview

Desktop FastLap5
Using the latest in performance simulation technology, DeskTop FastLap5 analyzes the handling capability of any vehicle on any closed-course, asphalt track. This top-of-the-line software can perform a comprehensive turn-by-turn analysis of any vehicle provide you with the best chassis and vehicle setup. It can also run an extensive simulation and display lap times and full vehicle “telemetry” to within a small percentage of true track-test data. Once you choose your setup combination, DeskTop FastLap5 will take your vehicle through a “hot lap” with instant results.

  • Accurately design, build and simulate any vehicle on any closed-course asphalt track in just a few seconds
  • Tests weight, wheelbase, center of gravity, aerodynamics, shifting and braking points, tires, gear ratios, suspension and power curves
  • Features include DirectClick menus, QuickAccess buttons, precision data display with reticule, 160-page color users’ manual and more
  • Choose from over 40 built-in tracks or model your own with help from the fully-graphic Track Editor application
  • Custom user interface displays vehicle specs and track-testing results

Building a well-suited vehicle for road racing competition is a never-ending search for the perfect combination of suspension design, tires, gear ratios, braking points, steering path and a hundred other variables. Thanks to FastLapSim5, you can accurately simulate the complex interaction of forces, speeds, and accelerations generated by stock, high-performance, or all-out race vehicles. This advanced software also features the Pro Tools Kit, which includes such enhanced features as DataZones, real time data display, spring/damper calculator, ProData Display and ProPrinting.

  • Advanced road racing software accurately determines best possible elapsed time for road course, ovals or autocrosses
  • Pick from 40+ of the world’s most well-known tracks or design any closed course using the innovative, built-in TrackEditor
  • Determines optimum driving path, shifting and braking points, aerodynamics, throttle positions, gear ratios and much more
  • Software includes cutting-edge Pro Tools Kit that extends the functionality of many program features
  • Easy-to-use interface allows comparison between as many as four vehicles at once – anything from road racers to street racers to NASCAR

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