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Drag Cartel Industries Camshafts UNIVERSAL

Brand: Drag Cartel Industries | Category: Cams
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
DCI-STAGE1-DIC Drag Cartel Industries Drop In K20A2, K20Z Camshafts require no valvetrain upgrade and maintain a smooth powerband for daily driven vehicles. Cams make on estimate 8-10hp and 8-9ft lbs thru the entire powerband. Intake: Intake Low Speed Lobe: Duration 250° / (9.6 mm lift) Intake High Speed Lobe: Duration 295° / (12.7mm lift) Exhaust: Exhaust Low Speed Lobe: Duration 243° / (8.4 mm lift) Exhaust High Speed Lobe: Duration 288°/ (12.00 mm lift)
DCI-STAGE2.2-ENDURANCE Drag Cartel 2.2 Endurance Camshafts are a road race inspired cam. These cams work perfect on Street Based K-Series setups due to the amount of constant mid range they provide. We strongly recommend supertech part # SPRK-H1021D. These camshafts will work on stock K-Series 86mm Crank 11:1 engines, however for best gains 12.5:1 Compression is recommended. Intake: 13.5 mm Lift / .238 Duration @ .050 Exhaust :12.2 mm Lift/.233 Duration @ .050
DCI-STAGE4.5 Drag Cartel Stage 4 Camshafts require Spring and Retainer Upgrade. Made for 99mm Stroke Cranks or larger. Full 8620 Billet Material for better reliability with OEM parts. Intake: 14.8 mm Lift /.284 Duration @ .050 Exhaust:13.7 mm Lift/.276 Duration @ .050
DCI-STAGE6KILLER ALL NEW 8620 Billet Material !!! VTEC LOBE SPACER & ROCKER PINS INCLUDED IN THE KIT Intake: 15.50 mm Lift /.284 Duration @ .050 Exhaust:14.30 mm Lift /.276 Duration@ .050 Race Engines Only. No VTC is used on these camshafts. Please note lobes. Recommended for us on High Compression, Race Engines only.
DCI-STAGE3.2 ALL NEW 8620 Billet Material !!! Ultimate Street Setup K24/K20 12.5:1 Setup Intake: 13.8 mm Lift / 254 Duration @ .050 Exhaust :13.2 mm Lift/ 250 Duration @ .050
DCI-STAGE4 ALL NEW 8620 Billet Material !!! Intake:14.5 mm Lift / .280 Duration @ .050 Exhaust :13.2 mm Lift / .272Duration @ .050

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Drag Cartel Billet Camshafts

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