Dyno All Motor Induction -$400

    Dyno Tune Forced Induction - $500

    Dyno Tune Second session on different Fuel ADD-$200

    Retunes -Please contact us direct for info


    Dyno Tune All Motor Kpro- $500

    Dyno Tune Forced Induction Kpro- $550

    Dyno Tune Second session on different Fuel ADD-$200


    Dyno Tune All Motor FlashPro - Bolt On Parts Only $350 - Must Be Stock Engine or Lightly Modified

    Dyno Tune All Motor (built engine) Flashpro- $500

    Dyno Tune Forced Induction FlashPro- $500

    Dyno Tune Second session on different Fuel ADD-$150


    Dyno Tune All Motor AEM System- $500+

    Dyno Tune Forced Induction AEM System- $600+


    Dyno Tune Motec System  $600+


    Dyno Tune other Systems (Microtech,Electromotive,Fueltech,Haltech and more) Starting at $450 Please Contact us For more information.


    ECU Socketing- $80 2 day turn around.

    ECU Socketing for S300- $85 (FREE when purchasing unit from us and have core)

    ECU Boost By Gear/Vtec install for S300- $45

    ECU S300 Socketing and Boost By Gear- $110

    OBD1 Socketed ECU for S300 N/A- $200 (We provide core)

    OBD1 Socketed ECU for S300 W/ BBG- $235 (We provide core)

    OBD2A or OBD2B to OBD1 Jumper Harness- $65

    OBD0 to OBD1 Jumper Harness- $110


    All Tuning is non refundable. We are not responsible for your car not being ready for dyno. If Dyno Time is rented, no Labor is permitted on dyno. Car will be removed and you will have to fix it off the dyno.

    When making a tuning appointment make sure your car is ready to be tuned to its potential. No check engine lights. Make sure fuel system is in working order. Double check that all vacuum lines and couplers tight. A well maintained car / engine will allow us to tune it to its full potential. If you have any problems with the car that need to be addressed before the tune, please let us know well in advance! These problems may or may not be able to be fixed during the tuning session and a separate appointment may need to be made. Tuning Sessions include Dyno Rental Fee that will be paid before tuning session starts at the front desk. Should labor be needed on dyno to get car running properly, our hourly service rate is $95 Per Hour.


    *** Dynojet Rental ***

    3 basic pulls  - $75

    - No changes can be done during pulls 5 -10 minute cool off in between runs.

    Dyno Rental Hourly Rate is $125 for the first hour and $75 for each hour from that point on. Must be pre-approved and deposit required before tuning begins. Time starts when car is strapped down.

    Private 8 hour sessions Rental 10am/6pm - Must be prepaid before session starting $700



    Import DPS takes pride in ensuring all customers walk out with a great dyno experience . All Dyno tuning are done by appointments only So please feel free to call and Schedule yours at your earliest convenience . we offer the fallowing tuning services