*** Import DPS Frequently asked Questions Help Section ***

1.  I just placed an order online.  How long until my order is processed and shipped?

We normally process all orders within 24 hours of the time they are ordered.  Most items, will ship directly from our Import DPS Retail Facility here in Philadelphia, PA however on occasion we will ship the items directly from the warehouse for those parts. 

2.  I placed my order online, how long till I see the charges on my account?

As you process your order you are going thru a secure section of our site that allows us to collect your information for the purchase.  You are never charged for your order when you hit submit and get an order number.  This process is done by our Sales Team on the back end.  The easiest way to see when you are charged, is to login with the email address and password you created at the time of the order and look for an Status Update.

3.  My order states "In Process", what does that mean?

Order's that say in process usually will turn to "Shipped" within 24 hours assuming the item is ready for shipping.  If your item will not be shipped within a 48 hour time frame from the time we process the purchase, we will update your history online to explain the delay and what is going on.  All Customer notes are viewable by simply logging into your account with the email and password you created at time of purchase. 

4.  My order states "Shipped", how long till I see my tracking information?

Order's that say shipped have been processed by us or the company we are shipping them from and are in transit to you.  Please note, partial shipments or individual parts shipments may have also taken place.  We are normally able to get tracking on your order within 24 hours of the status changing from "In Process" to "Shipped".  We will then add the method of shipping, along with the tracking number so that you can verify that on your end.  Please be sure to check your account online for tracking information and daily updates.  We experience very high call volume for calls asking for tracking information that can be found by logging online.

5.  Do you guys price Match?

Yes we can price match Any Advertised Price From another online Business if approved.  Price Matching is at Managements discretion.  We are a very fairly priced business that continues to push for competitive pricing without sacrifing our Customer Service

6.  I would like to get on your dyno, what do I have to do?

Dynojet Tuning, Rental and Pulls are only available by appointment.  You can email Dyno@ImportDPS.net or simply call in to schedule an appointment.  Most Tuning is done after hours during the week from 5-8pm or on Saturdays.  Noise pollution law's restrict the hours and days we can do certain vehicles.  Please note, we only have a 2 Wheel Drive DynoJet.

7.  Who do I email for Customer Service, Techinical Support etc?

All of our email's are available on our Contact Us Section of the site.  However, this is a list of the emails and people you would need to call if needed to get yourself situated.

For payment processing or anything financial, accounts@importdps.net

For customer service, customerservice@importdps.net

For General Information, info@importdps.net

For Sales Related things such as pricing, availability, sales@importdps.net

For Tracking, Order Fullfillment, shipping@importdps.net

Romeo, Jayvier or Javier can assist anyone with anything they may need. 

8.  I've been calling all day and can't get thru, what should I do?

For whatever reason, we seem to have very high call volume from the hours of 11am to 3pm EST. If you have called and can't get thru, please send an email to info@importdps.net with your concern and a phone number we can return your call at. W e might also be on the line with another customer .

9.  Does Import DPS offer Sponsorships?

At the moment, we do not offer any types of sponsorships.  Extended discounts on some of our parts are available however thru some of the more popular model specific web forums along with our Facebook , Instagram and Twitter page.

10.  What types of payment's do you take?

We accept Cash, Certified Secure Funds, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Cards. 

11.  How do I cancel an order?

Cancellation of any order must be made prior to the item shipping.  We ask that you contact us in writing, with all your order information within 24 hours of order purchased time.  Most orders have not been charged until the following business day so cancelling the order is much easier to do.  If your order has been processed and 24 hours have passed, you still may be entitled to a full refund but you must contact the Customer Service team in writing and via phone.  If your order has been process, charged and a shipment processed you must pay a 25% restock fee which applies to only certain returnable items.  Shipping and Handling Charges are not refundable.  A RGA number must be obtained prior to returning the parts to Import DPS.  If you return an item without RGA, your item will be returned / refused.