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FuelTech Electronic Control Systems UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
GEARCONTROLLER Functionalities: - Full Throttle Gear Change - Keeps constant torque allowing higher boost pressure - Help keeping car “on track” - Less time under no acceleration - Highly increases clutch life - High slippage clutch flow control valve compatible - Reduces gearbox damage and increases dog engagement life Highlights: - Individual gear cut time per shift - High precision strain gage sensor - Two step and clutch signal input - Line Lock solenoid direct drive (no relay required) - Strain Gage sensor gain adjustments - Requires strain gage shifter instalation(not included) Full integration with other FT modules: BoostController2: Automatically activates the Launch Stage and controls stages increasing Datalogger: Lever force analog output and cut time
ETC - Stand alone electronic throttle controller - Automatic idle speed control by RPM - Throttle speed setup (slow, normal or fast) - Real time diagnostics - Load idle speed compensation (air conditioner) - Throttle REV limiter - Maximum throttle position - Safed-critical rotines between the pedal and throttle position - Compatible with stock and any after market EFI - Native High Speed 2.0 USB Connection, with no serial adapter required - Update the firmware through the internet - Windows Compatible Software in English, Spanish or Portuguese (XP, Vista, 7)
BOOSTCONTROLLER2 FuelTech's BoostController2 is a multi-stage equipment which precisely manages up to 6 stages of boost and an extra launch stage, allowing the eficient and precise traction control for cars and motorbikes. It works controlling the top end wastegate pressure an it's possible to determine a dual ramp turbo pressure growth to set a smoothly turbo load at shifting, turning the engine's power generation ideal for the traction levels. To work with high boost levels in racing applications, the BoostController is able to work together with a CO2 reservoir, keeping the appropriate pressure and traction controls.

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