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Nitrous Express Nitrous Accessories - Blow Down Tube / Safety Valves UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
11705 Safety Blow-Off Cap (3000 Psi) Fi Ts Standard Valves
11707 Safety Blow-Off For Pure-Flo 45 Valve
11708 Blow Down Tube Plumbing Kit
Includes Nut, Sleeve, Alum Tubing
11709 NHRA Safety Blow-Off Cap (3000 Psi) D-8 Thread Pure-Flo 45 Valve
11710 Safety Blow-Off Cap (3000) For Motorcycle Valve
11711P Safety Blow Off w/ Discharge Tube For MC Valves
11712 3000psi Burst Disc
For NX Chrome Valves, Brass Valves & Non Locking DF-5 Valves

Product Description

Talk to any nitrous expert and they will tell you – Safety First. With NX Blow Down Tubes and Safety Valves you put first things first. NX Blow Down Tubes and Safety Valves are the ideal compliment to any Nitrous Express Nitrous System.

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