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Precision Intercoolers UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
PTE-AS1021 26.75L x 6.20H x 3.50D, 350-hp, 2.50" Inlet/Outlet
PTE-AS1025 31.50L x 8.00H x 3.50D, 600-hp, 2.75" Inlet/Outlet
PTE-AS1026 31.50L x 10.30H x 3.50D, 750-hp, 2.75" Inlet/Outlet
PTE-AS1019 Rated for 825HP, this Precision Bar and Plate intercooler is the best for turbocharged applications needing a better way of cooling their temps. Rated for 825-hp34 1/2" Length10 1/2" Height3 1/2" ThickInlet and Outlet of 2& 3/4"

Product Description

Intercooling your forced induction vehicle helps lower the temperature of the charge air mixture flowing into your vehicle’s engine. This not only lowers your engine’s potential for detonating and burning a piston, but also increases air density for greater potential horsepower.

Precision Turbo only sells bar & plate construction intercoolers. The less expensive are much more susceptible to damage from road debris, there’s less flexibility in the fin designs & the tubes will “balloon” under higher boost pressures.

These are Bar n Plate designs, which is the only thing we sell. Tube n Fin designs are less expensive, but don’t work as well in our opinion. Here are the advantages & disadvantages of each.

While aluminum is actually a very poor conductor of thermal energy, they are still widely used because of the extremely high cost of copper tube designs. Designers compensate for this by increasing surface area by adding more fins per inch. The resulting high density design greatly increases the intercooler’s ability to work for you. This is what we sell — and we’re proud of it.

Remember, however, that an air-to-air intercooler will only cool the air charge down to ambient air temperature. So, if the outside temperature is 110° F just off the asphalt roadway, this may be as cool as your air charge will get – and that’s why race applications use liquid-to-air intercoolers!

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