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Royal Purple Snow 2-C TCW III Engine Oil UNIVERSAL

Brand: Royal Purple | Category: Motor Oil
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55511 Snow 2-C TCWIII Engine Oil
55 Gallon Drum
04511 Snow 2-C TCWIII Engine Oil
1 Gallon Bottle
05511 Snow 2-C TCWIII Engine Oil
5 Gallon Pail
43511 Snow 2-C TCWIII Engine Oil
Case of (3) 1 Gallon Bottles

Product Description

Snow 2-C is a high performance 2-cycle synthetic engine oil that improves performance and reduces wear in both standard and high performance 2-cycle snowmobile gasoline engines.

The synthetic solvency of Snow 2-C keeps spark plugs and exhaust ports clean for maximum engine efficiency. Snow 2-C is also ashless, which reduces carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and exhaust system. This engine cleanliness, combined with Snow 2-C’s low coefficient of friction, promotes increased horsepower and overall engine speed.

Snow 2-C is formulated with Royal Purple’s proprietary, synthetic Synerlec® additive technology to protect rings, bearings and cylinder walls from metal-to-metal contact. Snow 2-C also guards against scuffing, galling and welding, which can occur in severe conditions.

Snow 2-C is ideally suited for snowmobile applications due to its low-temperature fluidity and pumpability. Both attributes are ideal for the extreme cold that often complicate snowmobile performance.

Snow 2-C Snowmobile Performance Advantages

  • Greater wear protection
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Saves fuel
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Ashless formula
  • Increases performance
  • Keeps engines clean

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