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Synapse Missing Link UNIVERSAL

Brand: Synapse | Category: Mass Air Systems
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ML004C Missing Link
Style 004
Revision C
ML006C Missing Link
Style 003
Includes Integrated Air Temperature Sensor
Revision C
ML002B Missing Link
Style 002
Revision B
ML001C Missing Link
Style 001
Revision C
ML003C Missing Link
Style 003
Without Integrated Air Temperature Sensor
Revision C

Product Description

Missing Link is an innovative valve that is used when turbo/supercharging normally aspirated engines. It works by blocking boost pressure from the factory ECU (computer). Once in boost, the valve closes off all pressure to the engine’s MAP sensor and then uses the principle of Diffusion to equalize the MAP to ambient barometric pressure in order to simulate a wide open throttle condition.


  • Eliminates Boost Related Check Engine Lights
  • Enforces a Smooth Vacuum-to-Boost Transition
  • Eliminates In-Cabin Gas Vapor Characteristics of Bleed Valves
  • Allows for Infinitely Adjustable Boost Pressures without Valve Adjustment
  • Protects MAP Sensor From Boost Pressure
  • Automatic Compensation for Changes in Altitude and Barometric Pressure
  • Filters Air Intake for Near Stock Idle Quality and Longevity
  • Eliminates Cluster of Fish Tank Check Valves
  • Superior to Voltage Limiters

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