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Zex N2O Kit - Upgrade Kits UNIVERSAL

Brand: Zex | Category: Nitrous Accessories
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
81021 Dry To Wet Conversion Kit Nitrous System
81023 Dry To Wet Conversion Kit Nitrous System
82001 Racers Tuning Kit
82064 Add-A-Stage Nitrous System
82100 Maximizer Nitrous Bottle Kit
Bottle Color Purple
82100P Maximizer Nitrous Bottle Kit
Bottle Color Polished
82100B Maximizer Nitrous Bottle Kit
Blackout Series
Bottle Color Black

Product Description

MAXIMIZER KIT (Part# 82100 P)
No more running out of nitrous on a Friday night of racing. The ZEX Maximizer kit doubles your system’s capacity by adding an extra nitrous bottle to your vehicle. This extra capacity not only ensures more fun, but helps to maintain bottle pressure for maximum horsepower. The kit includes a 10-lb. ZEX nitrous bottle, padded bottle brackets, adapter fittings, and high-pressure braided lines. Step up to the plate with the ZEX Maximizer kit and never run out of the horsepower juice when you need it the most.

ZEX ADD-A-STAGE KIT (Part# 82064)
Add a second stage of nitrous to any EFI nitrous system

The ZEX Add-A-Stage Nitrous System upgrades any manufacturer’s single stage EFI nitrous kit to a two stage system. A two stage system is faster than a single stage system because it gradually adds the nitrous power in two separately controlled stages instead of one big, tire-spinning hit. The Add-A-Stage Nitrous System is operated by a push button switch for ease of control, and jets are included for adding an extra 50-250 horsepower.

The Add-A-Stage Nitrous System incorporates several nitrous technology breakthroughs, making it the perfect choice for serious nitrous users. One such patent-worthy advancement is ZEX Fuel Shear technology, which injects the enrichment fuel directly into the center of the nitrous plume, yielding total and even fuel atomization. Active Fuel Control is a patented ZEX technology breakthrough that automatically adjusts fuel enrichment in accordance with bottle pressure so your system is never too rich or too lean, despite bottle pressure fluctuation.

DRY TO WET CONVERSION KIT (Part# 81021/81023)
Take your Nitrous Kit to the next level with the ZEX Dry to Wet Conversion Kit. Includes everything you need to upgrade your existing Dry N2O System into a power hungry Wet Shot.


  • Kit includes all the accessories needed to optimize the performance of your nitrous system.
  • Includes a purge kit, bottle pressure gauge, bottle heater,
    and a safety blow down kit.
  • As an added bonus there is a 5% discount on the accessories, plus the kit includes a FREE T-shirt offer.

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